Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Glowing figures and a knife

The deep freeze of Winter is upon me, and work on The White Rooms Rooms has escalated! Yesterday I created a couple eerie figures using Make Human and brought them into Blender then Unity (with much difficulty after making some tweaks to a hole in the devils head in Blender - Unity didn't like the changed .fbx). These things animate spookily behind their halo lighting effects:

I had to make sure in the preferences that Unity was able to import the Make Human files. Then I made a knife model from scratch in Blender and attempted to vertex paint it. I couldn't get the brushes to paint correctly even after watching a couple Youtube tutorials so I ended up unwrapping it and painting it in Photoshop. There appeared to be some weird pixels on the blade but it was a happy accident - they made it look rusty and used.

Now that I look at it, the colors are somehow reversed - I wanted the handle brown. What the heck?

I shifted level to to level 1 and remade level 2 from scratch in Blender then added it to the scene (scaling it to 3500 as always). Today I go through all the levels adding the new enemies and making tweaks to the levels. 

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