Monday, January 20, 2014


The internet is my school. One quickly discovers that people on community forums are not teachers. They want to help, but there can be long threads of pure confusion when the answer can be quickly listed in a few steps. Some programmers read the question and write "learn programming before asking a question." Yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question so I carefully research before posting one.

Patience and persistence are key here. With these skills I recently discovered how to create fade in / out effects and animations. I made a heavenly gate in Blender from scratch also. I'm still figuring out vertex painting.

It's very neat that I downloaded Unity 3D less than 3 months ago and now I have a 9 level "escape the rooms" game that plays smoothly.

I made some sound effects and music in Garage Band and Final Cut Pro. Fun times.

Yes, that's The Pod which I can apply effects to voice and guitar.

My friend is a talented artist and working on the Dreamcatcher for the game. I told her January 30th deadline, which is when I want to be submitting the game to OUYA. The playtesting / debugging race is on!

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