Game Projects

Bushwick Board Game

A hilarious drinking board game about your move from Williamsburg to Bushwick. Here's an article in Brooklyn Magazine. Another one in DNAinfo. There's a shout out in The NY Post from when it was in The Levee bar. Check out the trailer here. Get your copy of the new 2015 edition:

The White Rooms

A 1st person psychological exploration experience. After a horrific car crash, your mind enters The White Rooms as you lay dying. You must collect the scattered memories in the recesses of your mind so that you may regain consciousness. Contemplate your perception of existence as you traverse the nine circles of the afterlife. Play now on OUYA!

Bushwick Dimensions

iOS location based game / interactive movie played on the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn starring local artists and performers. Designed for the Bushwick OpenStudios 2012 art festival. Here is the Trailer. I also did a Wickbush interview. It had a stint on the iOS App Store but was taken down for maintenance. Perhaps it will make a return to glory someday?

StreetSkeez: Kill the Hill

HTML5 platformer videogame imbedded in a longboard company website.

Sexy Tapeworm

A top down shooter where you play Shi Shi, a tapeworm trying to make her way back to her host on a Montauk beach. It premiered during Bushwick Open Studios May 31-June 2, 2013 with an accompanying tapeworm cabinet.

Winter Drunkenland
Christmas themed bar crawl scavenger hunt through Williamsburg. 2011.

It Lurks in Gowanus

A location based web app adventure game with puzzles and videos that premiered at the Come Out & Play street game festival in the summer of 2010.

Bushwick: Morgantown

A SCVNGR app trek where you learned fun facts about the neighborhood of Bushwick Brooklyn while taking a tour of the sights. Premiered at Arts in Bushwick Beta Spaces 2010. 

Siren Inferno

A scavenger hunt game that took place on July 31st, 2010 at a giant warehouse party in Brooklyn. Players scoured the areas and solved clues to find the murderous Siren.

Asama's Drum

Premiering at ARGFest 2010 in Atlanta GA, this location based street game was played using a smartphone. Players infiltrated a mysterious organization called the Sanctus Custos and thwarted a terrorist plot to destroy a building in downtown Atlanta.

Deleted: The Game
ARG based on a web series. 2009.