Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The New Artcade Experiment

This past weekend I conducted an experiment: build an arcade in my apartment with a range of indie game formats, intermix it with game themed art and see what the response is.

The response was an overwhelmingly positive storm of jubilation! The GamePad 3000 Experimental Artcade at Bushwick Open Studios in Brooklyn had proven that this format was an exhilarating experience and was the pick of several organizations:

What is the next step? The retro arcade may have died out long ago. So what is the modern arcade experience? A bar filled with old-school cabinets and fancy beer?

It came to my attention after attending game meetups and demos over the past year that there simply isn't a place to regularly play new indie games in a social setting where gamers, enthusiasts and designers can mingle and have fun. And look at gamey art!

Game culture is flooding the mainstream, and such a place must exist. 


  1. Yo...this stuff looks so rad. I'm really sorry I missed it!!! How does one check this stuff out post BOS??

  2. You can join the Artcade 3000 Meetup group!

    Also, I'll be doing another Artcade 3000 this year for BOS, so come by...and submit a game if you want to show ; )

  3. I'm looking for games to show this year - talk to me!