Friday, April 1, 2011

TV collaboration / Smart Grid monitors your life / Facial recognition

   The AT & T merger with T-Mobile might bring higher prices and better coverage. I recently received a pamphlet in the mail from AT & T about the iPhone 4 and how AT & T scientists are developing these technologies:

-Attaching a projector to the phone to view X-Rays
-Remote monitoring, such as sensing when a pill bottle is opened or closed. 
-Location specific ads pushing to the phone.
 -Your house appliances will be connected to the net so someone can watch exactly how long you use each tool. There are privacy issues popping up as every aspect of our lives are monitored using the smart grid.

   Follow how AT & T is taking over with new technologies here.
   This is right after the announcement that Google made an app that can give you information about a person simply by taking a picture of them. Using facial recognition software, the app searches the web for Facebook and website info related to the person. With just one snap, we can learn what a total stranger reads, watches, listens to, etc. Engadget says you will love it or hate it. What do you think?

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