Saturday, February 26, 2011

MEANWHILE - A comic book game for the thinkin' man.

   It's a book. It's a game. It's a geniusly crafted comic adventure comedy by Jason Shiga.

   You begin by choosing chocolate or vanilla ice cream. What follows is a journey of hilariously epic proportions that includes a time machine, Killitron and a memory switching device. Jimmy is a cartoon character that you lead through the story by following tubes from one panel to another. This system brings you all over the book in a mind-boggling level of complication. Try to get to the end without killing everyone in the world.

   There appears to me a method to the madness. The clues on how to find an access code or progress in the right steps begin to show themselves after starting over a few times. I had to think long and hard about where I've gone before. Some of the pages look exactly the same with just a few words of difference, so memorizing your way through is difficult.

   I still haven't gotten to the end of the book, but once I gather all my wits about me I'll take another crack!

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