Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Steal This Idea - INVASION: EARTH for PS Vita

     I'll be posting game ideas for anyone and everyone to steal, patent, copyright, call their own and make millions of dollars from. l'll do this is because I have no resources to make it a reality and I would love to see the game exist to the full extent of the vision.
     I preordered the Playstation Vita from my local Brooklyn Game Stop. It titillated our psyches: GPS tracking, Augmented Reality gaming and a host of new ways to interact with the handheld console through rear and front cameras and touch panels.

     A blast was had with the AR cards and games. But what I was most interested in, naturally, was the GPS capabilities of this portable console. The Near screen provided indicators of other users in the area by distance, but not on a map. You can trade items and get free game upgrades and power ups from them. Fine and dandy, but what I want to do with my Vita is play


     Gameplay: On a specific day and time, Vita owners must go to a GPS location in their city such as a park or other open area (e.g. Central Park). There they must stand in "battle position areas", listen to audio commentary from a commander and watch an enemy spaceship approaching on their screens from what looks like a mile away in the sky. As the spaceship gets closer, several smaller ships break away and scatter into the park. Players can view them in AR or on a top down map of the area. They must coordinate their efforts and unleash their arsenal on the invaders to destroy them. Then run to weapon drop zones in the park to replenish their ammo.

     After defeating the horde or being overpowered, the players can form platoons and prepare for the next invasion which could be a week away in another park. Other cities will suffer invasions and platoons can keep in touch and trade items through social networks and anticipate upcoming attacks.

     Does the Vita have the power to do this? Smartphones do. Do we have to wait for Google Glass and the wearables to easily and successfully blend the real world with video games? 

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