Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Artcade 3000 v3 Wrap-Up

June 5-7 was that magical time of year again for Bushwick Open Studios. The one-of-a-kind Artcade 3000 was back again, this time in a stunning new location at 214 Starr Street.

It was a top pic by esteemed art forum Hyperallergic and was placed on their map. Brooklyn based gave a shout out on their top 5 must see exhibits for BOS. Bushwick Daily and the 1st edition of the printed Bushwick Notebook deemed Artcade a top pick for Jefftown (Jefferson L stop in Bushwick). 

The shows originality and fun atmosphere continues to make it a favorite of art bloggers and visitors. This is, of course, because of the awesome games created by local developers:

The comic / game world of XANTARA by Olga Andreyeva.
The mesmerizing Circa Infinity by Kenny Sun. 
The multiplayer tank brawler Zarvot by Sam Eng.
The Museum of Stolen Art oculus rift experience by Ziv Schneider. 
Exposure by The Sheep's Meow.
The Painter's Apprentice by Luminosity. 
Star Coder by the Win2Learn team.
The Bushwick Board Game 2015 edition by Jan Van Damme.
Artwork by Jake Jeffries.

Some pix from the event:

It was a real swell time. See you next year. . . or sooner?

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