Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Local Multiplayer Rules Summer / New AR Project

The Arcade 3000 recap is coming soon (after the article on it is published). Till then, here's some gamey news.


•I played God of War 3 on the projector, which is a tight epic classic. The “making of” films that are unlocked when you complete the game are excellent. 
•On iOS I played Ridiculous Fishing until I reached the credits, then continued to play until I unlocked more fish. Very addictive - I’m going to play until I unlock em’ all. Can’t wait till my next subway ride! 
•Played a couple wicked 4 player OUYA exclusives: Duck Game and Toto Temple Deluxe (from Juicy Beast). 

Wasn’t long before we went back to the perfect-in-every-way Towerfall. Did I hear a rumor that Towerfall: Ascension comes to OUYA later this month?

The biggest treat has been Broken Age on my OUYA. This is what all art should strive to do - present truths about our world in a  fun and interesting way. When I play the games of Edmund McMillen I think “this is how I feel”. Broken Age has these moments while shifting through levels of meaning. And in the spirit of Double-Fine's nothing-to-hide look at their creative processes, there's a "making of" documentary. Everyone interested in game creation should watch the Amnesia Fortnight series.

In other news - Where’s my Rift Dev kit 2?! “ships in July", right? Oh wait - it’s August. Does this mean I won't get mine?

I’ve also been working 
on a secret project with an app developer here in Bushwick Brooklyn. It’s a location based game that utilizes augmented reality in the gameplay. Very exciting stuff and will write more about it in the future. No, it doesn't play on Google Cardboard.

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